A GtkD issue

frame frame86 at live.com
Fri Aug 19 06:37:25 UTC 2022

On Friday, 19 August 2022 at 00:40:40 UTC, pascal111 wrote:

> Now, I used cmd.exe and found this new errors:
> "lld-link: error: undefined symbol: __D3gio5FileT12__ModuleInfoZ
>>>> referenced by

If you don't post the exact command you are using we can just 
assume what you did wrong:

The linker is unable to find the library. You will need to 
specify it via `-L` command line switch. If your environment 
setup fails to determine the paths, you can always specify it raw:

rdmd -m64 -I=src\gtkd -L=libs\gtkd.lib app.d

`src` contains the `gtkd` folder copied from `GtkD-3.9\generated`
`libs` contains the file `gtkd.lib` created by the 
`GtkD-3.9\Build.d` output

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