Programs in D are huge

bauss jacobbauss at
Fri Aug 19 11:18:48 UTC 2022

On Friday, 19 August 2022 at 06:34:19 UTC, Patrick Schluter wrote:
> On Thursday, 18 August 2022 at 17:15:12 UTC, rikki cattermole 
> wrote:
>> On 19/08/2022 4:56 AM, IGotD- wrote:
>>> BetterC means no arrays or strings library and usually in 
>>> terminal tools you need to process text. Full D is wonderful 
>>> for such task but betterC would be limited unless you want to 
>>> write your own array and string functionality.
>> Unicode support in Full D isn't complete.
>> There is nothing in phobos to even change case correctly!
>> Both are limited if you care about certain stuff like 
>> non-latin based languages like Turkic.
> A general toupper/tolower for Unicode is doomed to fail. As 
> already mentioned Turkish has its specificity, but other 
> languages also have traps. In Greek toupper/tolower are not 
> reversible i.e. `x.toupper.tolower == x` is not guaranteed . 
> Some languages have 1 codepoint input and 2 codepoints as 
> result (German ß becomes SS in most cases, capital ẞ is not the 
> right choice in most cases).
> etc. etc.

That's why you should implementat formatting providers for 
languages that handle such things.

Like in C# you have the CultureInfo class that you can give to 
methods such as ToString, ToLower etc. which will correctly 
handle specific "cultures"

It's one thing D really misses, but is really hard to implement 
when it wasn't thought of to begin with. It should have been 
implemented alongside functions that may change between languages 
and cultures.

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