Is it possible to return mutable and const range from a single method?

realhet real_het at
Mon Aug 22 23:46:03 UTC 2022

On Monday, 22 August 2022 at 19:35:11 UTC, Steven Schveighoffer 
> It is possible to write the same function for both const and 
> mutable overloads by using the `this` template parameter:

I guess before the "inout", "this This" was the only way to do 
this. I must remember this, it's really usefull.

I also had lack of knowledge about that is(T==const) expression 
that Ali mentioned.

In my program, I passed isConst as a template parameter with 
default initialization. It only needed one static if, where the 
range returns the front.

Thank You all!

- descendant classes can have parent or not (overload getParent)
- allParents, thisAndAllParents: optionally enumerates this 
before the parents.
- it can also filter the class type allParents!CustomContainer
- supports const.

It's much better than the previous 
visitor_function_with_a_callback_function_that_returns_false_when_it_wants_to_stop thing.
I really beleive that in the end it generates only a while loop 
that the compiler can optimize well. (Unlike recursion or 

   inout(Container) getParent() inout { return null; }
   void setParent(Container p){}

   auto thisAndAllParents(Base : Cell = Cell, bool thisToo = true, 
bool isConst=is(typeof(this)==const))() inout{

     struct ParentRange{
       private Cell act;

       private void skip(){
         static if(is(Base==Cell)) {}
         else while(!empty && (cast(Base)act is null)) popFront;

       this(const Cell a){ act = cast()a; skip; }

       @property bool empty() const{ return act is null; }
       void popFront(){ act = act.getParent; skip; }

       auto front() {
         static if(isConst) return cast(const Base)act;
                       else return cast(      Base)act;

     return ParentRange(thisToo ? this : getParent);

   auto allParents(Base : Cell = Container)() inout{ return 
thisAndAllParents!(Base, false); }

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