How to use sets in D?

Paul Backus snarwin at
Tue Feb 8 22:02:30 UTC 2022

On Tuesday, 8 February 2022 at 21:58:49 UTC, H. S. Teoh wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 08, 2022 at 09:47:13PM +0000, Paul Backus via 
> Digitalmars-d-learn wrote: [...]
>> The `alias` and the `enum` just make the code a little nicer 
>> to read by letting you write `Unit` instead of `void[0]` and 
>> `unit` instead of `void[0].init`. You could get rid of them 
>> and the code would work exactly the same way; it'd just be a 
>> little bit uglier:
>>     void[0][E] mySet;
>>     mySet[...] = void[0].init;
> [...]
> Unfortunately, this doesn't work due to a syntax restriction 
> (the parser isn't expecting a type name after the `=`, and will 
> raise a syntax error). So the alias is in fact necessary.

Ah, yeah, I forgot about that bug.

It also works if you use parentheses:

     mySet[...] = (void[0]).init;

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