How to work with hashmap from memutils properly?

Sergey kornburn at
Thu Feb 10 20:39:45 UTC 2022

Could someone help with memutils library?
It seems (based on some posts in 2018) that memutils is one of 
the fastest hashmap in Dlang world (if you know it is not - 
please help me find the fastest hashmap realisation).

I've made some benchmarks with the same code for regular AA, 
ikod-container and memutils. And the last one gave the different 
results. In the realisation is used the same operations: get, 
put, in.
The master version (compiled locally) is used, because last 
version available in dub is broken (issue already in the github 
since August 2021).

Can someone help to find out how to make it works?
Because there is no any kind of documetation for this package at 
all :(

Code could be found here:

PS it seems that almost all realisations of hashmap/dict/AA in D 
very slow :(

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