Offline D documentation/tutorial

Christian Köstlin christian.koestlin at
Wed Feb 16 20:07:09 UTC 2022

On 2022-02-13 01:16, LorenDB wrote:
> Is there a way to download, the D spec, and/or the Phobos 
> spec as an offline HTML site? I like the ability of to 
> be saved as an offline HTML archive and I'd like to have that for D as 
> well.
In addition to the already mentioned solutions there are at least two more:

1. I was pointed by Seb to which offers an offline 
mode via html5.

2. Another nice thing for dlang would be to support dash docsets 
( There is a free opensource reader for those 
as well ( tried to create such docsets 
with a small script, but thats not up2date.

All in all I think there are almost to many half baked solutions to the 
offline documentation problem in dlang. Perhaps this could be something 
for the steering committee.

Kind regards,

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