How to exclude function from being imported in D language?

Paul Backus snarwin at
Tue Mar 8 18:38:47 UTC 2022

On Tuesday, 8 March 2022 at 17:47:47 UTC, BoQsc wrote:
> Premise: In D language, only one main(){} function can exist in 
> a program.
> Having two `main()` functions throws an error.
> Let's say I want to use some functionality of another program, 
> but it has a `main(){}`
> function. How can I import and use functions without importing 
> the `main(){}` function?

You'll have to modify the other program to exclude the `main` 
function from compilation.

For example, you could use a [`version` condition][1]:

module otherprogram;

version (Otherprogram_NoMain)
     // no main function
     void main(string[] args)
         // ...

// other functions...

Then, when you're compiling the program that uses it, you can 
pass `-version=Otherprogram_NoMain` on the command line:

$ dmd -version=Otherprogram_NoMain myprogram.d otherprogram.d

This will include the `main` function from `myprogram.d`, but 
exclude the one from `otherprogram.d`.


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