Make shared static this() encoding table compilable

zhad3 no at spam.pls
Mon Mar 14 09:40:00 UTC 2022

Hey everyone, I am in need of some help. I have written this 
Windows CP949 encoding table which is used to convert CP949 to UTF-16.

After some research about how to initialize immutable associative 
arrays people suggested using `shared static this()`. So far this 
worked for me, but I recently discovered that DMD cannot compile 
this in release mode with optimizations.

`dub build --build=release`  or `dmd` with `-release -O` fails:

code      windows949
code      table
function  zencoding.windows949.table._sharedStaticCtor_L29_C1
dmd failed with exit code -11.

I usually compile my projects using LDC where this works fine, 
but I don't want to force others to use LDC because of this one 

Hence I'd like to ask on how to change the code so that it 
compiles on DMD in release mode (with optimizations). I thought 
about having a computational algorithm instead of an encoding 
table but sadly I could not find any references in that regard. 
Apparently encoding tables seem to be the standard.

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