I like dlang but i don't like dub

Cym13 cpicard at purrfect.fr
Fri Mar 18 08:28:56 UTC 2022

On Friday, 18 March 2022 at 04:13:36 UTC, Alain De Vos wrote:
> Dlang includes some good ideas.
> But dub pulls in so much stuff. Too much for me.
> I like things which are clean,lean,little,small.
> But when i use dub it links with so many libraries.
> Are they really needed ?
> And how do you compare to pythons pip.
> Feel free to elaborate.

Long story short, dub isn't needed. If you prefer pulling 
dependencies and compiling them by hand nothing is stopping you.

As for comparison to pip, I'd say that dub compares favourably 
actually. Yes, it does do more than pip, and that used to annoy 
me. But if you look at it from the stance of a user it makes 
sense: when you pull dependencies or a package using pip you 
expect to be able to run them immediately. Python isn't a 
compiled language, but D is and to get these packages and 
dependencies to be run immediately it needs to do more than pip: 
download dependencies, manages their version and compile them. 
This last part is the reason for most of the added complexity to 
dub IMHO.

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