I like dlang but i don't like dub

Dadoum contact at dadoum.ml
Mon Mar 21 09:25:56 UTC 2022

On Friday, 18 March 2022 at 04:13:36 UTC, Alain De Vos wrote:
> Dlang includes some good ideas.
> But dub pulls in so much stuff. Too much for me.
> I like things which are clean,lean,little,small.
> But when i use dub it links with so many libraries.
> Are they really needed ?
> And how do you compare to pythons pip.
> Feel free to elaborate.

Personally I use CMake, it allows me to access to C and C++ 
libraries while still being able to use small Dub libraries. Also 
everyone knows how to build a project with CMake nowadays.

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