arsd-minigui - couple of questions

Adam Ruppe destructionator at
Mon Mar 28 17:41:31 UTC 2022

On Monday, 28 March 2022 at 17:00:42 UTC, sai wrote:
> 1. I assume arsd-minigui library does not support transparent 
> images by itself, does it? I am trying to show a png image with 
> transparent areas on a button, but those transparent areas 
> shows as black color.

I added that to simpledisplay last year, but never forwarded the 
flag to minigui since it didn't seem important.... should be easy 
enough to add, I'll take a look.

> 2. I want to show both image and text on a button, but looks 
> like it shows image or text, but not both at the same time. Or 
> am I missing some weird windows manifest stuff?

Yeah, it is one or the other right now. I don't think the 
standard Windows control supports that without owner draw, which 
is something I've generally tried to avoid (but it isn't that 
hard to do at least in some cases...).

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