synchronized/shared associative array .require error

Loara loara at
Sat Sep 3 09:49:54 UTC 2022

On Friday, 2 September 2022 at 19:15:45 UTC, cc wrote:
> ```d
> synchronized class SyncTable(KEY, VAL) {
> 	private VAL[KEY] table;
> 	auto require(KEY key) {
> 		return table.require(key);
> 	}
> }
> auto table = new shared SyncTable!(string, string);
> table.require("abc");
> ```
> Fails to compile:
> ```
> // Error: none of the overloads of template `object.require` 
> are callable using argument types `!()(shared(string[string]), 
> string)`
> ```
> Tried casting away shared as a workaround but I assume that 
> will cause some kind of TLS catastrophe.

In current version of D language `synchronized` and `shared` are 
independent. In particular `shared` should be used only for basic 
types like integers for which atomic operations are well defined, 
and not for classes.

Anyway if you must send a reference of a `synchronized` class to 
a different thread then it's safe to cast `shared` and then 
remove it later:

synchronized class A{

void sendTo(Tid to, A a){
   to.send(cast(shared A) a);

A receiveA(){
   A a;
   receive( (shared A sa) { a = cast(A) sa; });
   return a;

Unfortunately there isn't any traits that tells you if a class is 
`synchronized` or not, so you can't do a safe template function 
for this.

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