Can you access the same classes from C++ and D and vise versa, or do the classes have to not form dependency cycle?

Ali Çehreli acehreli at
Sat Sep 10 22:07:32 UTC 2022

On 9/10/22 13:04, Daniel Donnell wrote:

At DConf, Manu indicated that that page is outdated and that D's C++ 
support is actually a lot better. He kind-of-promised to update that 
page but I doubt it happened yet if ever. :)

 > one has to be compiled before the other, order depending on direction.

I don't think that's correct. The page is unfortunately unclear:

   "the first with a C++ compiler, the second with a D compiler"

could have better been written as

   "the C++ source file with a C++ compiler, and the D source file with 
a D compiler"


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