How could I fix (debug) the VisualD plugin so that it actually works with the folders / files seen in Windows 10 file man.?

Daniel Daniel
Tue Sep 13 03:13:37 UTC 2022

As you may already know if you want to move a file or rename a 
folder in VisualD, you can't simply do it.  I've even had to edit 
the project file with Notepad++ in order to repair it.

So, I'm humbly asking how can we fix this?  I'm considering doing 
something in C++ which I'd rather not because I'm reluctant about 
all the memory leaks I'm going to make.

Right now my project folder lay in disarray and I don't feel like 
going through fixing the folders for the 20th time.

So has anyone got a workaround for these issues (it has many).  I 
apologize for not recalling exactly the problem, but if you use 
VisualD you will be made aware of them if you don't want to keep 
all your files in single folder.

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