can not take const struct member address at CTFE , is this a bug?

test123 test123 at
Tue Sep 13 11:16:55 UTC 2022

     struct c { uint a, b;}
     __gshared const c d = { 3, 4};
     __gshared const e = &d.a;

./test.d(4): Error: expression `&c(3u, 4u).a` is not a constant

I need this to work around C struct array member like this:

struct c {
      uint32_t a, b;
      uint32_t[] arr;

If I can take const object member address as __gshared const, 
then the problem is fixed.

Or if I can force cast the const object pointer into other type, 
will work be able to work this around. (but not work)

Error: reinterpreting cast from 
`const(validate_KnownRegex_enum_init_type)*` to 
`const(upb_MiniTable_Enum)*` is not supported in CTFE

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