dub lint

Ali Çehreli acehreli at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 15 23:26:13 UTC 2022

On 9/15/22 16:14, Christian Köstlin wrote:

 > There is `dub run dscanner -- --defaultConfig` which creates a default
 > config in `~/.config/dscanner/dscanner.ini` (for linux and osx).

Thanks! I love such features. It is so useful for a program to write out 
its configuration file. (My tools did that too.)

 > interestingly `dub lint --help` shows two different options for 
 > ```
 > dub lint --help
 > USAGE: dub lint [<package>[@<version-spec>]] [<options...>] [--
 > <application arguments...>]
 > ..
 > ..
 >        --config=VALUE    Use the given configuration file.
 > ..
 > ..
 >    -c  --config=VALUE    Builds the specified configuration.

Neither of which is obvious to the newcommer at all. Not one bit! Even 
though I knew dscanner was the program 'dub lint' uses (perhaps because 
I noticed the message as it was being installed?) I did not think even 
once that 'dub lint's --config would refer to 'dscanner's config.

As a dub user, I wouldn't know to go to a random program's web site. 
Even 'dub lint' doesn't mention dscanner: 


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