line terminators

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Wed Sep 28 19:36:38 UTC 2022


I notice that readln from std.stdio has '\n' as the default line 
terminator. What about multiple line terminators in UTF-8 being 
used in one input file, such as '\n', NEL, LS, PS? And in Windows 
"\r\n" is a line terminator, and what if NEL, LS, PS exist in a 
Windows UTF-8 text file as well?

The following explains the details when reading Unicode.

If I want to read a text file line by line, treating any one of 
these things as a newline, there would seem to be no canned way 
to do that in std.stdio .

1.) What is the best way to achieve this result in D?

It is convenient to read text files of unknown origin in this 
fashion. Additionally discarding the newlines however they are 
represented is convenient.

2.) What about reading UTF-16LE text files line by line (e.g. 
from Windows, with a BOM)?

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