betterC DLL in Windows

Richard (Rikki) Andrew Cattermole richard at
Sun Feb 5 19:00:16 UTC 2023

On 05/02/2023 10:01 PM, Tamas wrote:
> On the surface, betterC seems to be perfect for this case. How would YOU 
> do it (Adam, Richard)?
> BtW, gstreamer also has D bindings, and maybe in the future I'll use 
> those. I suspect that Adam's suggestions have a stronger relevance to 
> that case, right?

So LDC with druntime and yes GC turned on is good enough right now that 
you can probably make it work without too much effort. You don't 
necessarily have to limit yourself to -betterC.

In fact if you don't, you have access to PyD[0] which can handle the 
interop stuff for you. I haven't personally used it, but it might work 
for your use case :)

The main thing is no matter what flags you pass, you'll need to be 
careful about memory ownership between the language divide and the 
ownership therein. You have already got a hang of that though from the C 
version! Just gotta be extra careful with GC memory that its pinned on 
the D side and won't get free'd elsewhere.

But yeah if you can avoid having to create bindings for stuff (such as 
glib which we have bindings for), or wrappers ext. do so. That way you 
can do more of the fun things!


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