Non-ugly ways to implement a 'static' class or namespace?

thebluepandabear thereabluepandabear at
Thu Feb 9 23:58:48 UTC 2023

> In contrast, I use D every day and love its relaxed attitude 
> towards private.

the fact that private stuff is accessible from other classes in 
the same module is really really bad, and it's pretty detrimental 
to the language.

let's actually think about what `private` means.

when you come back from work, arrive home, and you close the 
curtains and want some alone, you want to be private to everyone.

you wouldn't want your neighbours (the module) to peek at what 
you're doing.

your neighbours aren't your friends in real life, and they (the 
module) aren't your friends in code -- just because they are in 
your vicinity doesn't mean they have a right to violate your 

tbh this whole private behaviour should be changed, it's just so 

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