Gneric linkedList range adaptor

Ruby The Roobster rubytheroobster at
Fri Feb 10 23:52:48 UTC 2023

On Friday, 10 February 2023 at 23:39:11 UTC, Ruby The Roobster 

> The problem is that is not, and cannot be `static`.  
> Thus, there is no way for you to pass it as an alias template 
> parameter, and this should be considered a compiler bug that 
> this doesn't error out.

Nevermind, I'm an absolute idiot.  The first works, it uses in the context of this.current.  The second should also 
work, T is of type Node*.

This seems to be a bug with the compiler, it automatically infers 
function attributes by default before evaluating whether the 
function actually works with said inferred attributes.

Your __traits(child) solution doesn't work, because T is a type, 
not a variable.

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