Non-ugly ways to implement a 'static' class or namespace?

ProtectAndHide ProtectAndHide at
Sat Feb 11 02:54:03 UTC 2023

On Saturday, 11 February 2023 at 02:15:37 UTC, thebluepandabear 
>> That's not entirely correct.
>> I don't use any Apple hardware products. Never have, and never 
>> will.
>> I use Swift on Linux only.
>> There are of course some library features of Swift tied to 
>> Apple products. But I have no need for those library features.
>> As a standalone language, Swift can (IMO) already out compete 
>> D.
> Swift on Linux? Interesting...
> what is the use case?

.. something to play with when not programming in C#.

But its not a 'play' language. It's a seriously well designed 

Swift is also available on Windows.

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