How can i find my LAN IP Address using std.socket?

Mike Shah mshah.475 at
Wed Feb 22 05:38:05 UTC 2023

On Tuesday, 4 February 2014 at 22:31:53 UTC, Dicebot wrote:
> On Tuesday, 4 February 2014 at 20:19:14 UTC, TheFlyingFiddle 
> wrote:
>> I'm setting up a simple local network enabling me to connect 
>> phones to the computer through the local wi-fi. The simplest 
>> way i could think of to make this work without relying on an 
>> external server was to simply broadcast the ip and port to all 
>> machines in the network.(Btw by server i mean my / my project 
>> groups windows boxes).
>> So well the problem is that i need a way for the phones to 
>> find running servers on the LAN.
> I think it is close to impossible to do in portable way. Most 
> reliable approach is to get list of all configured network 
> interfaces via posix functions (or via `system` call as least 
> resort), filter out "lo" and broadcast message for every such 
> interface. I think you can also filter only wireless interfaces 
> that way relatively easily too.

Apologies that I am bumping a post that is 9 years old, but I 
recently had to do this and thought this may help beginners. In a 
way it's a hack as suggested from the second post, that you can 
connect to a known ip address (e.g. google) from a socket and 
then see the endpoints with the local and remote addresses.

import std.stdio;
import std.socket;

     void GetIP(){
         // A bit of a hack, but we'll create a connection from 
google to
         // our current ip.
         // Use a well known port (i.e. google) to do this
         auto r = getAddress("",53); // NOTE: This is 
effetively getAddressInfo
         // Create a socket
         auto sockfd = new Socket(AddressFamily.INET,  
         // Connect to the google server
         import std.conv;
         const char[] address = r[0].toAddrString().dup;
         ushort port = to!ushort(r[0].toPortString());
         sockfd.connect(new InternetAddress(address,port));
         // Obtain local sockets name and address
         writeln("Our ip address    : ",sockfd.localAddress);
         writeln("the remote address: ",sockfd.remoteAddress);

         // Close our socket

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