Pragma ericanderton at
Mon Dec 4 12:42:27 PST 2006

bobef wrote:
> After a fast search:
> demo here:
> looks good and I believe PHP is supported on any OS
> Walter Bright wrote:
>> bobef wrote:
>>> This is not really a D problem but still. The new newsgroup web 
>>> interface is useless (IMO of course). It is impossible to follow a 
>>> thread (no thread view even). It looks better than the old one 
>>> (colors and stuff) but whats point if it is unusable...
>> I know it stinks. But it's the only one that is (1) free and (2) works 
>> on a 64 bit BSD unix box (what the server is on).
>> The old one we used on the 32 bit BSD box wasn't that good, either.
>> I can't believe it's that hard to write a decent one.

Nice!  It even functions as an RSS portal.

- EricAnderton at yahoo

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