MIT Technology Review: An Interview With Bjarne Stroustrup

Sean Kelly sean at
Wed Dec 6 16:57:17 PST 2006

zz wrote:
>  From my point of view these tests are not really nessesary on my side 
> since I still continue using D and I belive that someday the memory 
> stuff will be optimized.

It will, but the changes will happen sooner if particular use cases are 
brought up as problematic.  Particularly if tweaks can be made here and 
there to improve performance without writing an entirely new garbage 
collector.  That said, I have considered writing a GC more targeted at 
concurrent programming than the current implementation (basically an 
improved version of Hoard with mark/sweep collection added), but doing 
so would take time I don't have at the moment.  Maybe sometime after 1.0.


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