Mango techniques

kris fu at
Thu Dec 7 18:01:37 PST 2006

bleep wrote:
> Hi.
> The Mango project states that it can serve HTML pages without allocating
> memory on the heap all by using slices. Are these techniques documented
> anywhere? A good tutorial on how to parse text without memory allocation would
> be appreciated. A guide to the guts of the Mango server would be nice too.

Yeah, that's a good idea. Walter had suggested doing something like that 
before also (for an article) but life has been a bit hectic recently :)

Slices help tremendously, but there's other techniques involved also: 
per-thread data, preallocated buffers, loads of caching, and so on. The 
design works well for a certain type of workload, but is not ideal for all.

> This been the kind of techniques that separates the D language 

I agree. Much easier to do this kind of thing in D

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