suggestion of backtrace in phobos

Charlie charlies at
Sat Dec 9 09:53:37 PST 2006

Does this work with libraries ?  I can't seem to get a MAP file 
generated for a library I am building, and when I link against the 
library I get ???  for all symbols.

I missed the last discussion on backtrace, but I would definitely argue 
that this get added, as long as there is an easy way to turn it off for 
release builds.


shinichiro.h wrote:
> Ahh I missed the release 0.177. I've put the new version of backtrace
> phobos. But there seems to be something strange on Windows.
> You can check with the following command:
> % dmd.exe signal_test.d -L/Map -g -debug
> % ./signal_test.exe
> Error: Access Violation
> Backtrace:
> 00402019 void signal_test.func()
> 00402028 __Dmain
> 0040211f _main
> 004107c9 _mainCRTStartup
> 7ee7eede ???
> b7ed9567 ???

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