Proposal: overload conflict resolution

Rioshin an'Harthen rharth75 at
Sun Dec 10 09:45:49 PST 2006

"Frits van Bommel" <fvbommel at> wrote:
> Chris Miller wrote:
>> Strange example:
>>    void bar(default char[] s, int x);
>>    void bar(char[] s, default long x);
> I like the basic idea, but maybe it gets a bit to hairy when multiple 
> parameters can have this attribute...
> Maybe it should be an attribute of the function instead?
> Then it becomes quite clear, I think: if there are multiple equally-good 
> matches and among them the number of overloads with the attribute is 
> anything other than one (that is, none or at least two) it's still an 
> error, otherwise the one declared 'default' is picked.

So, we'd have something like

default void foo(char[] s);
void foo(wchar[] s);
void foo(dchar[] s);

with only one function of the same name at most with default...

I like this :). Votes++ for this modification.

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