Fixed, easy to remember URLs for posts

Walter Bright newshound at
Tue Dec 12 01:03:47 PST 2006

Bill Baxter wrote:
> It would be nice if there were a simple url we could use for referring 
> to D newsgroup posts in a fixed way regardless whatever the web 
> interface du-jour happens to be.
> Something as close as possible to the Xref tag in the headers of the 
> posts themselves would be nice.  The Xref looks like:
> digitalmars.D.announce:6086
> So the url could be like:
> Then that would just bounce you to the current location of the web 
> interface, which currently is:
> And then we wouldn't have to worry anymore about article urls being too 
> long, or about old links to the specific NG web interface dying.
> I suspect one of you PHP/Apache wizards out there could whip this up in 
> less than the time it took me to write this post. ;-)

I use Ddoc macros in the documentation:

NG_cpp = <a 
NG_cpp_beta = <a 
NG_cpp_command_line = <a 
NG_D_gnu = <a 
NG_digitalmars_D = <a 
NG_digitalmars_D_bugs = <a 
NG_digitalmars_D_learn = <a 
NG_digitalmars_D_announce = <a 

Which eases things considerably. The news archiver will also translate 
the URLs in the postings when creating the archive pages. That doesn't 
work for the web interface, though.

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