Constants, Aliases

Alexander Panek a.panek at
Sat Dec 16 00:57:02 PST 2006

janderson wrote:
> Alexander Panek wrote:
>> Xinok wrote:
>> Technically, you can change a constant value in C++, too, if you want. 
>> Just get the address and write a little inline assembler to mov x, y 
>> something else there. I can't imagine what'd hold me off from that.
> Actually that would be very difficult to make work, with optimisation. 
> You'd have to find and replace every position the const was used 
> (including ones that have been combined with other constants and 
> optimizations) and replace them.

This depends on how you used const.

const uint x = 1; // this is your case, the variable is just set in and 
has no unique memory address

class X {
    const uint x;

    this ( ) {
       this.x = 0; // here, x has an address and const is meant to be a 
write-once variable, not a constant value as above.


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