Let the D compiler print the dependencies.

Johan Granberg lijat.meREM at OVE.gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 07:28:17 PST 2006

Frank Benoit (keinfarbton) wrote:

> While thinking about build tools and IDE integration, why not let the D
> compiler have a switch to print the dependencies?
> # dmd t.d -c -deps
> depends: std.string
> This has the advantage, that if there is a change in the rules how
> version/debug/static-if are evaluated, the build tool does not need to
> know about them. The build tool can use different compilers and compiler
> versions and can ask the compiler for the list of dependencies for a
> given module.
> -deps
> Prints the dependencies, each in one line, starting with "depends: ".
> -deps=filename
> Prints the dependencies into the given file, each in one line without
> additional text.
> Does this make sense?
> What do you think?
> Frank

Itsounds like a good idea but I think that printing depend: infront of th e
dependencies could complicate the use of the command. for example if you
want to pipe it to another command. (I also think it should print filnames
and not moduenames, or have two switches)

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