Wolven rma at
Thu Dec 28 19:13:03 PST 2006

== Quote from Walter Bright (newshound at's article
> > |  After a couple of weeks with no results, he came across a DO
> > |  statement, in the form:
> > |       DO 10 I=1.10
> > |  This statement was interpreted by the compiler (correctly) as:
> > |       DO10I = 1.10
> > |  The programmer had clearly intended:
> > |       DO 10 I = 1, 10
> > |

I realize the parser ignores "whitespace", but why would it combine what are
clearly seperate tokens..  i.e. DO, 10, and I?  Seems like a logic error in the

I can understand the I=1.10 error, depending on how I was defined.  But I would
expect that I was defined as an Integer, in which case the compiler "should" have
given an error for trying to assign a decimal to an integer.  From my perspective,
it sounds like they were blaming the programmer for what was really a compiler
error.  Just my opinion...  :)

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