Unofficial wish list status.

renox renosky at
Fri Jun 2 15:21:50 PDT 2006

Ben Hinkle wrote:
>>0.565  5  Auto new-ing of classes
> wow - I'm surprised this is popular (though I don't know how many people 
> have voted or how often). For those who didn't follow the link, here's the 
> description of auto new'ing:
> Foo A;
> is shorthand for Foo A = new Foo and
> Foo A = !new
> would be the way of initializing to null.
> I'd be very surprised if Walter changes the language to do that. The current 
> system is much better. 

I agree, it's ugly especially since there is now type inference, instead 
of writing Foo A = new Foo; I think that you can just write
auto A = new Foo;
No need to repeat Foo so I see no need of this feature.

Or am I mistaken?


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