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Fri Jun 9 07:34:14 PDT 2006

In article <d1cdd4$1cdn$1 at digitaldaemon.com>, Niall FitzGibbon says...
>How odd.  While compilations works for me now in 1.18 I also get some 
>linker errors.  Since it works fine for you, it's probably just a 
>problem with my DMD setup.  Thanks anyway :)
>Joey Peters wrote:
>> Strangely enough it just happily compiles for me in the latest version, 
>> 1.18. Or well, I didn't compile it, I just included it (since it's just a 
>> bunch of C imports).
>> Also note that there are some functions that are actually macros, I didn't 
>> port those, that would require me to insert those functions back in the lib 
>> again and do all that boring work. I didn't realise porting can be such a 
>> pain sometimes.
>> "Niall FitzGibbon" <billdoor at gmail.com> schreef in bericht 
>> news:d1a6f4$23r8$1 at digitaldaemon.com...
>>>Joey Peters wrote:
>>>>I ported PDCurses to D. This is the first time ever I ported something, 
>>>>so sorry if things are a bit unwieldy or ugly.
>>>>import curses;
>>>>int main(char[][] args) {
>>>>  initscr();
>>>>  for(int x = 0; x < 10; x++) {
>>>>    flash();
>>>>  }
>>>>  return 0;
>>>>Haven't played with it a lot yet. I hope I can code my roguelike with 
>>>>this :) Enjoy.
>>>Thanks for this port.  However, I get the following errors when trying to 
>>>build with DMD 1.18 on Windows:
>>>C:\dmd\src>dmd curses.d
>>>curses.d(14): non-constant expression *(&Mouse_status)
>>>curses.d(15): non-constant expression *((&Mouse_status+4))
>>>curses.d(16): non-constant expression *((&Mouse_status+16)) & 7
>>>curses.d(17): non-constant expression *((&Mouse_status+16)) & 8
>>>curses.d(18): non-constant expression *((&Mouse_status+16)) & 16
>>>I worked through this by commenting out the code (I don't need mouse 
>>>support in my app) but could you tell me what version of DMD you managed 
>>>to compile it with?
>>>Thanks :) 

I've just started to code a roguelike, and i noticed the same errors with the
mouse functions, but only when using build.exe , not a straight compile with
dmd.exe! hope this helps someone out, as i'm not up to the job of fixing it
myself (yet), as i'm a D newbie.

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