Kirk McDonald kirklin.mcdonald at
Sat Jun 24 01:42:48 PDT 2006

David Rushby wrote:
> In article <e7hp2l$1638$1 at>, Kirk McDonald says...
>>Does that mean you want to merge Celerid and Pyd?
> Yes.  I think users will find it easier to deal with an integrated package.
> I *would* like to see the current capabilities of CeleriD (the option to use the
> plain Python/C API rather than the object-oriented wrapper if desired, and the
> ability to compile with a familiar distutils style) preserved in the
> integrated CeleriD/Pyd, but I don't anticipate that that would be a problem, do
> you?

Certainly not. The raw Python/C API is still fully accessible by simply 
saying "import python". (I've been careful to always say "private import 
python" in Pyd's source, so it isn't available by simply saying "import 

(As a matter of fact, mixing the Python/C API with Pyd is currently 
necessary as the whole thing hasn't been wrapped quite yet.)

As for compilation with the distutils-style, this is my 
preferred method. At the moment, the file itself needs to be 
told what Pyd's source files are. By integrating the two projects, 
compiling these files can be done automatically, perhaps with a flag in 
the to build in "classic," object-oriented-layer-free mode.

-Kirk McDonald

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