Any idea when the 1.0 spec will be out?

Boris Wang nano.kago at
Mon Jun 26 02:27:05 PDT 2006

In addition, reference return type, variable template parameter, etc.

The D is far from the 1.0 mile stone.

It's good time for us to have a rest, may be one years, two years...,  :(

"Stewart Gordon" <smjg_1998 at> 
??????:e7h24l$5p6$1 at
> sailormoontw wrote:
>> Hello:
>> I have read the Sinbad forum, which it's a Ogre3D in D. The author thinks 
>> with no 1.0 spec, it discourages them from making such a project. Ogre3D 
>> is nice and currently is one of good free DirectX wrappers. If Ogre3D can 
>> have the D version. I think it's a nice thing to the D community.
> If you want to write a D version of Ogre3D, then I for one am not going
> to stop you.
>> And...I am just curious, after 5 years, when will the 1.0 of D be out??
> I think we should cross this bridge when we get to it.
>> Squirrel is a 2 years old language, and it already hits 2.1. And we 
>> remember Perl, Perl has their spec fixed fast in earlier version while 
>> Perl 6 is a bit slow.
> It's not just age.
> - How complex is the product?
> - How many people have control over the specification?
> - How many people have control over the reference implementation?
> - How many hours a week are these people working on it?
> - Does the version numbering system make sense when compared with ours?
>> I am not sure what is left in the version 1.0, but like an ordinary 
>> project it should have some timeline, or something left to do.
> <snip>
> Lots of things left to do if you haven't noticed.
> Stewart.

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