Helmut Leitner leitner at
Fri Mar 3 23:47:53 PST 2006

Stewart Gordon wrote:
> Wiki4D is accessible via URLs in two very different domain names:
> I've been using the first of these, probably because it was the first 
> one I discovered and it just stuck that way.

There are even more than that.

They all go to the same physical server and there is no fundamental difference in using one of them.

> Both are identical and equally up to date AFAICT.  And the homepages
> are very different, so it doesn't look like a simple case of two domains 
> aliased to one server.  So why the two addresses?

Basically they are. These two domain are just redirected to different directories.


I wanted my customers, as far as they do not provide their own domains, to be able to choose a domain that fitted their 
   .com signalling a corporation
   .org signalling a non-profit organization
   .at signalling Austria
   .ch signalling Switzerland
   .de signalling Germany

The name "ProWiki" came about a year later than "WIKISERVICE"
and I didn't want to register these and further domains x5,
so I just offer

> Is either of them the "preferred" one?  


> Or are they set up for faster 
> access in different geographical locations?  Or what?

No. reasoning given above.

But probably it would be time to buy an
unique domain for this wiki.

It seems to be accepted by the D community.

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