Variadic templates

Carlos Santander csantander619 at
Thu Nov 2 17:52:23 PST 2006

Mike Parker escribió:
> Walter Bright wrote:
>> See
>> Why now? Because it's such a pain to do template programming without 
>> them, and because I wanted to have a good signals and slots 
>> implementation. That was the last piece needed to make S&S work right 
>> (unless I'm way off track with it).
>> There's a lot of unexplored territory with the tuples, they should be 
>> able to do a lot more than the current rather limited ability.
> Is it possible to restrict use type specialization to restrict a tuple 
> to a specific type? I'm no template guru, but the things I've been 
> toying around with don't work and I don't see anything in the docs about 
> it.

Is that really needed? Forgive the syntax, but wouldn't this work?

void foo (T) (T [] args ...)

Carlos Santander Bernal

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