How to access the "new" newsgroup?

Justin C Calvarese technocrat7 at
Sat Oct 7 09:35:27 PDT 2006

Earl Purple wrote:
> The attempt to access the internet site:
> encountered a problem. Please retry the connection by clicking on
> the Refresh button in the browser. If this does not solve the
> problem, shutdown the browser, restart it, and try the website
> again. If the problem continues, please open a support ticket with
> the local help desk. To expedite the troubleshoo ting of the
> problem, include the debug information displayed below in the
> ticket.
> Can't seem to access it from a browser. Have no problems getting
> into here. And before you ask me to start getting any newsreaders,
> this is from a work account, I have to use what's available to me,
> i.e. IE.
> Now how am I supposed to convince them here to let me program the
> next project in D if I can't even get to the support pages when I
> need them?

I agree this is a problem. But I don't think Walter recognizes it as a 
serious problem, so I don't know when it will fixed. There are some 
workarounds to view posts in the main D newsgroup, but the web interface 
links should provide this information rather than make a person ask.

Firstly, an alternative web interface is available 
( A disadvantage to 
  the puremagic web interface is that it only has posts since February 
2006. But this deficiency can be worked around, too, since HTML archives 
are available that include the older posts 

But the best way is to read the newsgroup in an actual news reader (such 
as Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook) to read 

There is more information about the newsgroups at:

(I'm cross-posting this message to the main D group, since this is the 
old D newsgroup and not very many people check it anymore.)

> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------------
> Debug Information
> Error: "Internet Access Failed"
> URL: "
> Client: ""
> Protocol: "HTTP"
> Time Stamp: "Fri, 06 Oct 2006 08:35:37 GMT"
> Detailed Error: "No such file or directory"


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