Could Tk be D's ideal widget set?

Mars nospam at null.void
Sat Oct 7 17:02:30 PDT 2006


It seems many people is trying to give D a decent widget set without
much success. However I'm wondering why nobody has tried with Tk. It
seems to have all the features that would make it an ideal widget set for D:

Cross platform: Windows, Mac, Unix/X11

Native look and feel, native widgets, support for themes. Screenshots:

Written in plain C, not C++

Open source under an extremely permissive BSD license.

Complete, large number of widgets available.

Mature, well documented, several books available.

Several GUI builders available (no idea how well could they be 
integrated with D): (free) (commercial)
others (?)

Actively developed. It's the default widget toolkit for Tcl and Python, 
and one of the best supported under Perl, which has two implementations, 
one that uses Tcl as a bridge (Tcl::Tk) and one that access the C API 
directly (Perl/Tk).

So... could Tk become D's GUI library of choice too? Or am I missing 

More info:

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