Lisp vs. C++ (not off-topic)

Lionello Lunesu lio at
Wed Oct 11 02:15:05 PDT 2006

Walter Bright wrote:
> Josh Stern wrote:
>> This old blog doesn't mention D, but I think it is good and really
>> relevant anyway:
>> IMO, it points to a set of issues that relate to how D (and its 
>> libraries)
>> have the potential to allow developers to be a lot more productive than
>> they are with C++.   Particularly relevant D features related to
>> the points mentioned there include but are not limited to  GC, mixins,
>> regex, and elimination of header/instantiation separation.   The point
>> about the productivity benefits of creating interfaces that return the
>> most interesting value (maybe alongside the interface that allows the
>> greatest efficiency when optimizing) is a good one to remember in 
>> practice.
> It is a very interesting article for anyone wanting to carefully look at 
> language differences. Anyone care to try a D version following the 
> original challenge?

It was sooo easy in D! I got it done in 1 hour 15 minutes.. But, my 
results differ from theirs and I can't figure out why.

For example, my prog comes up with "3-/0--69-4: 3 echt", which seems 
correct ("echt" is in the dictionary and is coded as "0694"), but their 
output.txt has nothing for the phone number "3-/0--69-4" ???


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