D : Not for me anymore

clayasaurus clayasaurus at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 19:45:17 PDT 2006

Walter Bright wrote:
> Georg Wrede wrote:
>>  From experience one knows that some of the "unbelievably hard" things 
>> to implement may become just simple after a good night's sleep, or 
>> after a nice morning shower some other problem might just "come to 
>> you" in a flash. Equally, some of the things slated for immediate 
>> release might prove intractable at closer look.
> That is so very true. For me, my best ideas and solutions come from 
> jogging, not sitting at the computer. Jogging is my most mentally 
> productive time, by far. I don't know why <g>. If it wasn't, I probably 
> would have given it up out of boredom years ago.

more blood flow to the head :-P

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