D : Not for me anymore

Sean Kelly sean at f4.ca
Mon Oct 16 21:34:35 PDT 2006

Walter Bright wrote:
> Derek Parnell wrote:
>> On Mon, 16 Oct 2006 11:03:14 -0700, Walter Bright wrote:
>>> I'm happy to merge things in, but am reluctant to do so without 
>>> reviewing the diffs line by line.
>> Actually, when I wrote "take Phobos", I really meant "take Phobos". You
>> would no longer have *the* sole controlling vote on what goes in or goes
>> out of phobos, nor would you have sole control over when new libraries 
>> were
>> released for general consumptuion. They would in fact be released
>> asynchonously from DMD. There would be 'beta' versions around for trying
>> our stuff and official releases for people who just needed a standard
>> library. Are you willing to give up control of Phobos?
> Maybe after 1.0. I'm pretty reluctant to do so earlier. That said, it 
> still doesn't impede anyone else from working on Phobos. An increasing 
> number of my own contributions to it I've been making not just open 
> source, but public domain.

I've noticed this, and it's very much appreciated.


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