Python-like tabs instead of curley brackets?

mike vertex at
Fri Oct 27 06:46:30 PDT 2006

To be honest that's a really scary thought. I think the idea of whitespace  
having any syntactic meaning is bad. In any kind of language (in "real"  
languages like english whitespaces don't have any meaning either). I'd  
rather type those redundant braces over and over again - and keep the  
option of formatting the code how I think it's best for that particular  
piece of code.

Sorry, but if Walter does that I'll delete my dmd folder immediatly,  
defragment my hard drive, redirect to, make some  
self-hypnosis tapes with the text "There is no such thing as the D  
programming language" and listen to those tapes all night long :)

Seriously, I would immediatly stop using D.

Am 27.10.2006, 14:15 Uhr, schrieb Charles Fox  
<charles at>:

> I've been following D for a few years now, and I'd like to suggest  
> ditching
> the (now completely redundant) curley brackets from the C-like syntax and
> borrowing Python's use of tabs to replace them.   I see no reason to  
> keep the
> curley brackets now we have nice editors that know about (and can  
> display) tab
> characters.  The ideal programming language should have no redundancy,  
> you
> shouldn't have to say anything twice, and at present we are still  
> repearting
> ourselves with both curley brackets and indentation!  What do you think?

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