The D Style and tab sizes

Unknown W. Brackets unknown at
Sun Sep 10 22:44:50 PDT 2006

I meant, the prevailing style of DMD and Phobos - being "D's current style."

In an open source project, a lot of the time it's important to make your 
code available and convenient for others to view, edit, and contribute 
to.  That's part of the whole idea of open source.

You should always choose what's best for you, but keep in mind others as 
well.  There's usually a good, happy, middle place for everyone.


> On Sun, 10 Sep 2006 12:38:42 -0700, "Unknown W. Brackets"
> <unknown at> wrote:
>> In D's current style, you are forcing a width on them: you believe that 
>> indentation must be 4 spaces, and so everyone must conform to that.  If 
>> someone prefers 8 spaces, 3 spaces, or 6 spaces... too bad.  Sucks to be 
>> them.  They have to live with YOUR style.
> That would be true if the compiler enforced the style rules. But
> Walter can only enforce his rules within his project - his right,
> common sense, and I'm sure his main intent.
> My habit is to indent two spaces at a time. I've posted some snippets
> in that style. No-one has complained. But if I was contributing to the
> compiler or library, I'd expect to follow the rules.

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