Systems programming

Pragma ericanderton at
Thu Sep 14 15:20:14 PDT 2006

Andreas Kochenburger wrote:
> Is D really suitable for systems programming, despite its inline assembler?

I think so.  D takes on some bloat due to the GC support and TypeInfo. 
I'd consider those fair trade-offs as you probably wouldn't be using D 
if not at least for the GC.

> Where can I find a minimum stub?

Andreas, have you given Ares a try yet?  I think that comprises the most 
minimal stub for D so far:

Granted, this will likely net you the largest gains on the Windows side 
of the house.

Aside from that, there's probably some gains to be made with GDC, and 
playing around with GCC's optimizations and whatnot, but I'm a complete 
n00b in that area. :(

- EricAnderton at yahoo

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