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mike vertex at gmx.at
Fri Sep 22 02:32:58 PDT 2006

Am 21.09.2006, 13:59 Uhr, schrieb Max Samuha <maxter at i.com.ua>:

> If you think MIDI is dead, you might be interested to know that VST is
> almost dead, too:) At least this guy claims it is dying:
> http://www.bigbluelounge.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=45249#45249


Now that was a great read, although he could have calmed down a bit. He  
really must hate VST a lot. I especially liked: "Yeah, VST may have been  
around for 5 years or so before AU came along, yet it still doesn't have  
any host documentation, example code, or anything!!! Every developer who  
wants to host AUs [sic! That should read: VSTs] faces a constant uphill  
battle, trying to figure out how to host VSTs via reverse psychological  
analysis of the plugin SDK, which is pretty damn pathetic itself already."

My only two reference sources available (probably the two everybody finds  
and uses) are one app written in delphi and another one written in C++,  
with an indentation level of 1 (one) space per level and a note from the  
author complaining that everybody steals his code so he won't release new  
versions as source code anymore. And the SDK doesn't help you in any case,  
just remember my first topic, I was so confused how to even load a VST.  
Now if only AU would work on Windows, everything would be perfect :)


(I fear that's way off topic, maybe we should discuss via email?)

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