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Georg Wrede georg.wrede at
Thu Sep 28 06:01:54 PDT 2006

Walter Bright wrote:
>> Many of these 
>> features are new to the entire extended language family, or have been 
>> implemented in radically different ways than previously in the 
>> extended language family. Are mixins going to cause a problem with 
>> lambdas? Is liberal use of slices going to make DBC unmaintainable? 
>> Who knows! Who's going to find out? The early adopters.
> On the one hand, that is a valid concern. Many of the bug reports are 
> coming from unexpected interactions between features. 

Ouch. But as long as they are fixable, and especially as long as they 
are not theoretically impossible to fix, I guess we're in business. ;-)

> What can be done with the combination of all those capabilities has
> yet to be fully explored.

Some template judo we've seen is simply impressive, and if we get more 
guys like that here who'd become interested in the other aspects, we 
really might see something interesting.

> But on the other hand, I don't think this is a reason to be hesitant to 
> use D. If those more unusual combinations cause a problem, just don't 
> use them that way. It isn't necessary to remove the features from the 
> language!

The C++ guys certainly shouldn't complain, they already do it every day.

And not using the entire feature set in each source file might be a good 
idea with any language. :-)

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