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Derek Parnell derek at
Thu Sep 28 23:57:54 PDT 2006

On Fri, 29 Sep 2006 10:23:32 +1000, Geoff Carlton wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm a C++ user who's just tried D

> I was a bit underwhelmed by the syntax of char[].

Yes. It isn't very 'nice' for a modern language. Though as you note below a
simple alias can help a lot. 

   alias char[] string;

> I believe single functions get pulled in as member functions?  e.g.
> find(string) can be used as string.find()? 

This syntax sugar works for all arrays.

   func(T[] x, a)


are equivalent.

> 2.)
> I liked the more powerful for loop.  I'm curious is there any ability to 
> use delegates in the same way as lua does?

Yes it can use anonymous delegates. You can also overload it in classes.

> 3.)
>  From the newsgroups, it seems like 'auto' as local raii and 'auto' as
> automatic type deduction are still linked to the one keyword.

There are lots of D users hoping that this wart will be repaired before too

> 4.)
> The D version of Scintilla and d-build was nice, very easy to use.
> Personally I would have preferred the default behaviour of dbuild to put 
> object files in an /obj subdirectory and the final exe in the original 
> directory dbuild is run from.
> This way, it could be run from a root directory, operate on a /src 
> subdirectory, and not clutter up the source with object files.  There is 
> a switch for that, of course, but I can't imagine when you would want 
> object files sitting in the same directory as the source.

Thanks for the Build comments. One unfortunate thing I find is that one
person's defaults are another's exceptions. That is why you can tailor
Build to your 'default' behaviour requirements. In this case, create a text
file in the same directory that Build.exe is installed in, called
'build.cfg' and place in it the line ...


Then when you run the tool, the command line switch is applied every time
you run it.

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