Why to have properties to sort or duplicate arrays ?

Bill Baxter dnewsgroup at billbaxter.com
Sat Jan 27 17:29:01 PST 2007

Hasan Aljudy wrote:
> Pierre Renié wrote:
>> Hello,
>> To me, reading a field or a property should not modify the object.
>> The problem is that just an access to the properties 'reverse' or 
>> 'sort' are modifying my array. These 2 properties should be method 
>> instead.
>> I think that the property 'dup' should be a method too, because 'dup' 
>> is not a value of my Array object, it does something.
> Well, in D, properties are just normal methods.

Which allows one to write nifty code like:

     writefln = 5

Not a big priority, but I do wish there were a way to specify which 
functions should be treated as properties.


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