indexing tuples using strings

BCS ao at
Mon Dec 1 17:14:56 PST 2008

Reply to Bill,

> Isn't there an easier way to fake it using structs? Like
> template Tuple(T...) { alias T Tuple }
> struct STuple(T...) { alias T tuple; }
> alias Tuple!(STuple(int,float), STuple(string,double), int, creal)
> CantFlattenThis;
> And you can write flatteners and nesters for that. Seems like fun,
> maybe I'll waste a few minutes working on that. :-)
> --bb

Yes, that works well. I make lots of use of that in dparse. I end up with 
a struct type that contains the whole AST defining the grammar to be parsed. 
OTOH there is issues (bugs) with aliases when you try to access it under 
some conditions.

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